All India Strike on 2.09.2015 NO Holiday for Govt Employees

All India Strike on 2.09.2015

All India Strike on 2.09.2015/All India Bank Strike 2nd September 2015: Trade unions across the country are all set to go ahead with the All India Bandh/All India General Strike on 2nd September 2015. Bank Strike/All India Strike call has been given by the Central Trade Unions and supported by numerous independent sector -wise unions. Huge number of workers from all over India belonging to several Trade Unions will be joining All India Strike on 2.09.2015. All the Central Trade Unions such as AITUC, AICCTU, AIUTUC, BMS, CITU, INTUC, HMS, SEWA, TUCC, UTUC have given the call for strike on 2nd September 2015.

AIBEA (All India Bank Employees Association) Demands

  • Stop Anti Worker Labour Reforms
  • Stop Anti People Banking Reforms
  • Stop Loot of People’s Money by Corporate Loan Defaulters
  • Declare willful default of Bank Loans as Criminal Offense.
  • Stop Out Sourcing of Bank Jobs.
  • Download AIBEA Press Release for All India Strike on 2.09.2015

all-india-strike-2092015-bandh-2nd-september-2015On the other hand, Several State Governments have released notices that there will be HO Holiday for Govt Employees on the Strike Day which is 2.09.2015. West Bengal Govt has issued Memo No.6501-F(P) Dated 31-08-2015 regarding All India Strike on 2.09.2015. Kerala State Govt has issued G.O (P) No.227/2015/GAD Dated 25.08.2015 regarding All India Bandh on 2nd September 2015.

West Bengal: In view of call given by different Trade Unions for Bandh/Strike all over the country on the 2nd September 2015, it has been decided that all State Government offices including those provided with Grants-in-Aid by the State Government would remain open and all the employees should report for duty on that date. It has also been decided that no leave would be granted to any employee on the said date.

Now, the Governor has been pleased to decide that absence of employees on that date will be treated as dies non and no salary will be admissible unless such absence is covered by the grounds as mentioned in Finance Department Memorandum No. 2013-F(P) dt. 06.03.2012. All concerned Heads of Offices will take action accordingly following the procedure as mentioned in above memorandum.

Kerala: Certain Organizations of state government employees and teachers have threated to go on strike on 2.09.2015 in connection with the national level strike. To meet this situation following orders are issued.

NO Leave of any kind shall be granted to Govt employees, teachers Etc, including Gazetted officers for the strike day expect the following grounds

  • Sickness of the individual or near relatives (Wife, Husband, Children, Father and Mother of the Govt servant)
  • Examination purpose of the employees
  • Maternity purpose of the employee
  • Other unavoidable reasons of a like nature

Download Kerala Govt G.O (P) No.227/2015/GAD Dated 25.08.2015 for more information about All India Strike on 2.09.2015.

All India Strike Guidelines

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