Amma Master Health Check Up Plan for Woman

Amma Master Health Check Up Plan

Amma Master Health Check Up Plan has been announced by the TN C.M Jayalalithaa for Women. She has announced Rs500 Crore Health Care Schemes which included Amma Master Health Check Up Plan for Women/Free Health Check Up Plan. Amma Women Special Master Health check Up Plan will soon be introduced to meet the medical expenses of Cholesterol Test, Liver Function Test, X-Ray, Thyroid, Abdominal Ultrasonography, Echo-Cardiogram, Digital Mammogram and HbA1C tests in Private Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers.

Amma Master Health Check Up Plan for WomanIn general, for health check up, private hospitals collecting Rs5000 to Rs12000. It is a big burden for so many woman in the state. With this scheme, poor people can avail free master health check up in private hospitals with in the state. This master health check up scheme will soon be introduced in all Govt hospitals across Chennai. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has also announced another 22 health care schemes today which costs the government about 500 crore rupees. The following are some of the main points of her announcement in assembly.

  • 10 New Primary Health Centers will be set up
  • 10 PHCs (Primary Health Centers) will be upgraded into 30 bedded hospitals.
  • Residential Quarters will be set up for Nurses working in Primary Health Centers.
  • 12 New Blood Banks will be set up
  • 10 Blood collection units and Blood storage units will be set up
  • 5 Neo-natal intensive care units and 20-bedded Pediatric Intensive Care unit will also be set up.
  • Ventilators will be provided to the Pediatric wards.

Amma Arogya Scheme

Amma Arogya Scheme has also been announced by the C.M Jayalalithaa. Under this Amma Arogya Scheme people can get diagnostic tests like ECG, Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile Tests for free of cost in TN Govt Primary Health Centers. TN C.M Jayalalithaa has already started several schemes for the poor people of Tamilnadu which included Amma Canteens, Amma Pharmacy, Amma Salt, Amma Cement.

More Tamilnadu Govt Schemes can be found here. More information will soon be added for Amma Master Health Check Up Plan and Amma Woman Master Health Check Up plan.

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