WB/West Bengal 6th Pay Commission

West Bengal 6th Pay Commission

West Bengal 6th Pay Commission/WB 6th Pay Commission has been constituted. West Bengal Finance Department has released 8070-F(P) dated 27.11.2015 regarding the constitution of West Bengal 6th Pay Commission. Govt of West Bengal has constituted 6th Pay Commission for State Government employees and certain other categories of employees by Resolution No.8070-F(P) dated 27.11.2015.

West Bengal Govt has appointed Chairman, Members for WB 6th Pay Commission. The Commission will submit their recommendations within a period of six months from the date of order notifying the constitution of the West Bengal 6th Pay Commission. The Governor is now pleased to decide that the terms of reference of the Pay Commission will be as follows

West Bengal 6th Pay Commission Terms of Reference

(1) To examine the present structure of pay and conditions of service of the

  • employees under the rule making control of the Government of West Bengal except the members of the All India Services, the West Bengal Judicial Service and members of services to whom the UGC scales of pay and AICTE scales of pay are applicable an
  • the employees of Statutory Bodies, Boards, Corporations etc. as mentioned in the Annexure and also in case of those organizations which may be notified later on after taking into account the total package of benefits now available to the employees and suggest changes which may be desirable and feasible, keeping in view, inter-alia the needs for social accountability and efficiency of the administration and also the decisions of the Government of India on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

(2) To examine the existing promotion polices and related issues and suggest suitable changes, which may be desirable and feasible, after taking into account the norms of promotions, efficiency/productivity, wherever relevant and also having special regard to the priority for improving people-orientation, social accountability and efficiency of the administration.

(3) To examine the special allowance and other allowances, concessions including Travelling Allowance and other benefits which are available to the employees in addition to the pay and suggest changes which may be desirable and feasible.

(4) To examine the issues relating to retirement benefits, and

(5) To make recommendations on each of the above having regard, inter-alia to

  • the prevailing pay structure under the Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, other State Governments etc.,
  • the economic condition of the country, financial responsibility of the Govt, of India and the pattern of allocation of revenues to the State, and
  • the resources of the State Government and the demands thereon on account of the commitment of the State Government to the developmental activities

2. The Commission will devise its own procedures and may appoint such advisors, institutional consultants and experts as it may considered necessary for any particular purpose in consultation with the State Government. The Commission may call for such information and take such evidence as may be considered necessary.

West Bengal 6th Pay CommissionThe different departments of the State Government and offices sub-ordinate to them will furnish such information, documents and other assistance as may be required by the Commission. The Government of West Bengal trust that the service associations and the unions of the State Government employees and others concerned will extend to the Commission their fullest cooperation and assistance.

3. The Commission will make an estimate of the cost involved in implementing their recommendations and suggest measures for avoidance of wasteful expenditure and other measures for economy. The Commission will also specially suggest measures for promoting efficiency.

WB 6th Pay Commission Members

West Bengal 6th Pay Commission/WB 6th Pay Commission chairman and members are as follows

Prof. Abhirup Sarkar, Professor, Indian Statistical Institute Chairman
Shri Amal Roychowdhury, IAS, Secretary, Labour Department Member
Shri Dilip Bandyopadhyay, IPS, Member
Shri Subir Chatterjee, WBCS (Exe.) (Retd.), Member
Shri Dhiman Mukherjee, Retd. Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation & Waterways Department, Member
Shri Sukanta Banerjee, WBSS (Retd.), Member
Shri Mrigen Maity, MLA, Employee’s representative, Member
Shri Durga Kinkar Mahapatra, WBCS (Exe.), Special Secretary, Finance Department Member-Secretary

Download Circular No. 8070-F dated 27.11.2015 and Circular No.8071-F dated 27.11.2015 for more information about West Bengal 6th Pay Commission/WB 6th Pay Commission.

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