Photo Voter Slips for Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Photo Voter Slips Delhi

Photo Voter Slips will be given to Voters before Delhi Assembly Elections 2015. Photo Voter Slips will be distributed to all the eligible voters 4, 5 days before the schedule start of General Election to the National Capital Territory of Delhi 2015. Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections 2015 are scheduled to be held on the 7th February 2015. There are about 70 Assembly Constituencies in Delhi which are going for polls on 7.02.2015. Photo Voter Slips will be handed over to the registered voters through BLOs (Booth Level Officers).

photo-voter-slips-delhi-elections-2015All electors in each of the 70 Assembly Constituencies in National Capital Territory of Delhi, who have been issued EPIC have to produce the EPIC for their identification at the polling station before casting their votes. Electors who do not have EPIC shall have to produce the ‘Authenticated Photo Voter Slip’ issued by the election machinery for identification in the polling stations. If any elector who has been issued EPIC fails to produce his/her EPIC or the Authenticated Photo Voter Slip then such elector shall collect the duplicate photo voter slip from an officer positioned outside the polling station with an additional copy of Authenticated Photo Voter Slips of all electors for this purpose.

Voter ID card or any other authorized documentation is mandatory during polling. Now, the photo voter slip is enough to get you entry into the polling booth. Electors who, for some reason, are not able to produce EPIC issued to them, shall have to produce the ‘Authenticated Photo Voter Slip’ issued by the election machinery for their identification. Authenticated Photo Voter Slips shall be distributed to all electors, whose photos are available in the electoral roll, a few days before the poll day.

Those electors whose photograph in the EPIC does not match, shall have to produce any of the following alternative photo identity documents for establishing their identity:
(i) Passport
(ii) Driving License
(iii) Service Identity Cards with photograph issued to employees by Central/State Govt. PSUs/Public Limited Companies
(iv) Passbooks with photograph issued by Bank/Post Office
(v) Pan Card
(vi) Aadhar Card
(vii) Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR
(viii) MNREGA Job Card
(ix) Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of M/o Labour
(x) Pension document with photograph

Click HERE to Download ECI Note regarding Photo Voter Slips for detailed information.

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